In New Brunswick alone, the construction industry employs approximately 28,000 workers.
On average 75% of these workers are employed in the open-shop sector.

Your local Merit Contractors Association is recognized as the voice of open-shop contractors throughout New Brunswick.  Merit is a not-for-profit organization comprised of local contractors working together for the good of the industry.  With such membership benefits as an affordable national group benefit plan geared toward the construction sector, a training fund for members to draw from, and advocacy in bringing together and representing the construction industry - we are here for you.  


Championing open-shop construction in New Brunswick.

As provincial policies continue to shift, we stand firm in our mission to elevate the open-shop construction industry and speak up for our members. We strive to advance a regulatory and business environment that supports open-shop principles and levels the playing field so our members can compete on and win building projects. We believe that our members can compete with any contractor when infrastructure bidding is fair and transparent.

Together, we are one strong unified voice.


great workers deserve great benefits

Open Circle Benefits (previously called Merit Benefits) are robust and cost-effective benefit plans, and  for our more than 50,000 active members - our plans continue to remain stable

Designed exclusively with our construction industry open-shop sector in mind, our hour bank program ensures workers are covered – while on the job, between work and even during lay-offs.  We also offer an excellent supervisory benefit program, which can be as simple or as comprehensive as you choose.

And... your local Merit Contractors Association of NB offers a kickstart program to all new members, where we help you start benefits by reimbursing your first month remittance for all of your hour bank employees!

Merit NB helps construction companies to protect their greatest asset – their people

Contact us for a no obligation quote or free comparison to your existing benefit package today!!

Open Circle Benefits
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Its no easy task to create an environment that blends the modern touch of revitalization with the weathered charm of a once-forgotten neighborhood.

Training & Trust Fund

When you're a member of Merit NB,  .04 cents from each hour you remit to your benefit plan is held in a separate  training and trust fund on your behalf.   In the fall of the following year, you may apply for reimbursement  for training completed during the year from this fund. Here are a few samples of what we've recently paid out to put this into a dollar context:
25 employees = $2,008.14
31 employees = $2,151.04
46 employees = $3,849.14
160 employees = $10,060.28 

This Training Fund is designed to help you cover the costs of continuing education programs for yourself and your employees.   

Just another way we support our members.

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