Merit’s benefit plan is constructed specifically for New Brunswick’s construction workers and their families.

It was built in hard times and for more than 30 years it has endured the ups and downs of the industry. Merit’s benefit plan is portable, robust and a price-leader ensuring workers are covered – while on the job, between work, even during lay-offs. Merit protects the construction industry's greatest asset – it’s people.

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Life and Income Replacement

Life Insurance
Hour Bank employee life insurance is $70,000. Office Supervisory Plan coverage is one, two or three times salary. In the case of accidental death, the benefit doubles. Life insurance is $10,000 for a spouse and $5,000 for dependent children.

Long Term Disability
Benefits are available after 120 consecutive days of an employee’s total disability. The Hour Bank LTD benefit is $2,500 per month, increasing to $3,000 after the first 24 payments. The Office Supervisory LTD benefit is based on the employee’s salary.

Short Term Disability (Optional)
Benefits are payable on the first day of an employee’s accident or hospitalization, or on the eighth day of a disabling illness. The Hour Bank STD benefit is $800 per week and the Office Supervisory STD benefit is based on the employee’s salary.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Great West Life is the underwriter for the Health and Dental components of the Merit Contractor Association’s benefit plan; as well as the Life Insurance components; and the Long-term and Short-term disability components of the plan. The AD&D portion of the plan is underwritten by ACE INA Life Insurance since July 1st 2010. Mercon Benefit Services Inc. is the third party administrator.
1-780-455-5845 or 1-877-263-7266

Optional Life Insurance
Great West Life offers the following: Insurance may be purchased in units of $25,000 to a maiximum of $250,000. Contact Mercon Benefit Services: 1-780-455-5845 or 1-877-263-7266.